March 17, 2008

Alright… so were reaching the distant ending edge of our classrooms course and well its time for our dreaded final! Well actually i find this final writing for Interactive Media to be very simple. Basically im here to write about what i have learned thus far from class, what i hope to learn in the distant future and what exactly is my own personal PLE.

Lets start this off at the start. I had little to no knowledge of the Interactive Media side of our major. I have a lot more knowledge in the Web Design half, so ofcourse i was eagerly interested in what this class had to offer. To my surprise i knew a lot about Interactive Media already but just had no idea that it fell in to a catagorie. Im sure many of you had blogged before this class… i know i had an Xanga at one point! haha… So finding out that there is a lot of blogging in the I.M. world helped me understand a little more. I was new to this PLE thing when i entered class but now i have a pretty firm grasp on it. Basically its your own unique way of scavaging threw the internet and organizing your found resources. So let me now share with you my own Personal PLE.

My Personal PLE is a very basic one… Google Reader with a mix of FireFox and Bookmarks. I use to be a great fan of Macs Safari but after finding out about the great benefits of FireFox i changed my ways. I take good advantage of bookmarking pages and often bookmark more than necessary… is that wrong??? haha… but now finding this great GOOGLE READER i don’t have to bookmark as much… still do though. Google Reader is by far one of the greatest things i have discovered threw this class… I will definatly be useing Google Reader in the future. I looked into I-Google but it seemed a little to much… i like the simplicity of Google Reader and well… maybe i’m just a simple kind of person.

What exactly am i aiming for in the future??? I would definatly love to be a free lance web designer that specializes in advanced Flash Websites that are more for small and personal bussinesses like photographers and musicians. I wouldn’t mind working for a larger company on a large project but freelance seems to me right now more my style. Ive been working on my own for the past 4 years and really really enjoy it… but i also worked a lot with a friend in High School and really enjoed that… so maybe starting my own small bussiness in which its me and some fellow friends who all specialize in graphic design and web design fundamentals. My girlfriend Kyndal is a great graphic desinger so ill probably work a lot wth her in the distant future. But one of my great passions would be to be sucessful enough to teach at a High School just like i was taught!

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Last time i recall even using html or css codes was freshman year of highschool…. and well a little bit during sophmore year as well. I think its very vital to know html and css but i tend to focus a lot on layout design and well… flash. I cant wait to start building css styled websites again because im well aware of how important coding is in our field of study. Theirs nothing more i enjoy than working hours and days on a project and watching it over time develop in to something awesome!!!

What i learned threw HTML and CSS is that by punching in a bunch of small important codes like <b> for bold or <u> for underline you can define that object. The other thing i learned about CSS and HTML is the amount of frustration that goes in to it. Its very interesting to think that a computer acts very much like a brain and reads this code like language and computes a final project!

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March 4, 2008


Here is a list of all my aggregator subscriptions and the topics related to them:


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Taking a Break…

February 29, 2008

Latley, i have been keeping up with our class post and comments pretty well… and basically i jsut take advantage of our breaks in between class and any free-time i am given during class. And in some weird way i am actually starting to want to blog ahha… thus this blog.

I know last class we were having problems with the server so we couldn’t discuss are personal RSS feeds. Im using GoogleReader and really enjoying it. I think that NetVibes offers a lot of good benefits as does Ginger but im not one for too much applications. I keep it pretty simple with what i use. But anyways… just thought i would inform everyone of some of my favorite RSS feeds so far.

My Top 5

  1. Mostly Skateboarding (stuffed with brand new skate trailers and montages that i would have never seen without an RSS Feed)
  2. Share the Air Blog (Panasonic set-up-blog for Profesional Skateboarders and Artsist that i respect to blog about their everyday lives)
  3. Tutorial Outpost Blog (Updated often and filled with tutorials for all my favorite Adobe Programs!)
  4. Blog ( Similar to Tutorial Outpost… lots of tutorials updated often.)
  5. Tutorials 007 (Also… similar to 3 and 4… very in-depth tutorials for Adobe Programs)

Me, Myself and I in the Real World:

I believe that organization on the web is probably similar to organization in life. If you are generally a sloppy messy person in the real world… chances are in the virtual internet world you are as well. Basically, I will check my personal MSNHotmail account and be flooded with emails from sites i have interest in and sites that are just useless ad’s. My downfall is the lazyness of telling myself… i’ll get around to cleaning this up later… and lets face it… later is a long long time. This is just one small example that came to mind when Organization on the Web was brought up in class.

Befor i read the article i want to anylize myself. So, lets see… i tend to clean my car and room seldom but when i do its pretty darn good! and i can very specific and picky about things and well id like to think of myself as a pretty organized person. Most precious things i own are neatly stored somewhere and crap i dont care too much aobut is just thrown somewhere. So basically id consider myself to be a somewhat organized person.

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Getting Things Done – David Allen view on GTD

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Well apparently the first link i posted entitled Getting Things Done – David Allen might as well be a dead link because i eathier went to the wrong place or its just simply a very short summary of his book. 43 basically summarizes each chapter and pretends to be an easy spark notes to the book. so basically… i recommend link number 2.

Commentary on my Reading and new Self-Analysis:

I started reading each individual chapter with Getting Started with “Getting Things Done” all the way to Choosing a Daily GTD Plan and i can say i benefited a lot threw my reading.  A lot of new ideas and thoughts came to mind about my own organization in the physical world and digital world… you could say. The chapters talk a lot about writing out a future plan and getting it done! Weither its physical or not the chapters state that its a great and very smart idea to have some form of a written plan ahead of any future task and id have to agree. Not only does it make you a more organzied person to have a thought out plan way a head of time but it gives you something to look back at if ever lost or confused.  Turn problems into projects!    The one downfall ofcourse with any planned project is getting yourself to commit to it. You can say you are going to do something but might not ever! … just like i earlier talked about with organization of my emails… well a lot of the time i say im going to clean them up but never do!!! so i need this go-to-it ness!

Getting Personal!!!

February 22, 2008

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just added a new blog with an interesting descriptive essay for my english class about The Taste of Victory!!!  but also check out my older blog about an in-depth story of my life!


February 21, 2008

 Part 1: My Personal Say on PodCast

There is nothing more that i love than podcast… well my girlfriend is an exception ahah… but on the internet. To me podcasting is so simple and well groundbreaking. When i sign on to my i-tunes a little dot appears next to my new available podcast (usually skate montages) and all i have to do is click downlaod now and after a very minute short download my video is downlaoded and can be viewed threw i-tunes and even transfered to my personal i-pod!!! GENIUS!!! Its so much more convient than going and looking for the videos.

I think podcasting threw i-tunes is a great marketing technique becuase of how easy it is. It’s right there in front of you and you dont have to hunt it down and check their website everyday! Its a lot like an RSS feed but different in the way that its usually just video or audio and can be transfered to an i-pod or portable vidoe device. I have yet to create my own podcast but it appears that next time in class we will learn… so im really excited about taking part in that. 

Im actually on break from my class so i will return later to leave my comments on

Peter Meng’s Article

Part 2: Commentary on Peter Meng’s Article

In Peter Meng’s Article he uses a great comparison with podcasting behaving a lot like subscriptions to a magazine. You send out a request for a magazine and every month a magazine pops up at your door step…. well podcasting is the same except its usually free (not always) and shows up on your emdia player… usually i-tunes.

I learned something new threw this article that well… youc an actually read in part 1. I amde the mistake of assuming that videos are a part of podcasting when in reality they have their own definition… VODcasting. So i should eb saying i really enjoy VODcasting… because thats mainly the sites i subscribe to are the ones with video. VOD stands for video on demand… sounds familiar??? a lot like television. You go to a menu and select something to watch…VODcasting does the same thing!!! Everytime a video is downloaded it is stored somewhere in your i-tunes video library and can be accessed at anytime… and you dont have to watch all the videos!!! you can select which ever ones seem the most interesting… thus not backing up your hard drive with use-less information.

I dont want to make my response too long… becuase lets face it… most of us (being artist) probably have a short intrest span… ahha… but basically Peter Meng goes on to talk about great ways to import your own personal PodCasting, some skills to know and a little bit of text book like definitons that help you get a better grasp of whats the DEALIO with PodCasting!!!

I found this to be a great read and look forward to reading everyone else’s personal opinion on podcasting!

What I Want to Learn!

February 19, 2008

So apparently i can not log in to my fundamentals wordpress blog because is not responding. But anyways… i guess i will post my learning blog here in hopes that i can jsut transfer it in the future.

When asked what i would like to learn in this class i could very simply say all that i can. To be honest i know more about the web design fundamentals than the interactive fundamentals so what we have been learning in class is quite new to me. I really find everything that we have learned thus far to be extremely beneficial and well i can only hope to develop more passion towards Interactive Media. I love blogging, podcast and this new thing RSS! I have already gained more knowledge in Interactive Media than i have in most other classes. I find this class to be very refreshing and im always ready to learn something new.

Now as far as over my whole studies here at the Art Institute, I hope to gain as much knowledge as possible in our field and well baiscally anything that has to do with the web! I have had some minor expierence with CSS befor hand and xHtml but i tend to work more towards Flash and Fireworks. I dont care to much for Dreamweaver… and i usually only use it for assistance on posting things to the web.I wuld love to learn more about Adobe PhotoShop because i have seen all the great wonders it can produce and well… fireworks just doesnt do everything.haha

I would really love to someday combine some of my great passions together and form a website filled with skate photography, film and art. I am very passionate about what i do and look forward to working on the web in the distant future!

Personal View on RSS

February 18, 2008

My last blog was basically interesting facts i found threw the internet about RSS.  I never really stated a personal statement about my own views.

Simply put, I believe RSS is one of the greatest things I have learned in class thus far. RSS was one fo those things that you dont really notice but once you find out about it completely revolutionizes the way you work. Like for example, I always would go to one of my favorite skate sites to view blogs of photographers that i looked up to in the skate industrie, but now after learning about RSS and the almighty greatness of Google Reader I can now view every updated blog in one easy siting and well … one easy open window. RSS is a greatly underated internet secret… that well… isnt that hidden.

My view on podcast was slightly noted in the last blog, but once again I will post my personal opinion. SUBSCRIBE!!!! Podcast rock! Simply put. I love them, and its so much more convenient  thanhaving to check websites daily. I use podcast threw Itunes and find it to be extrodinarly easy… so if you havnt read up on or checked out podcast for yourself…. do so…

Basically RSS ties into blogging in general. Wethier your writing a blog or reading a blog RSS is there and taking advantage of RSS is a great networking tool. RSS is more benefitial to you than you might think.


February 14, 2008


I have about 50 min. of spare time before my drawing class at 1 so i figured i would hop into a lap and post a blog. I don’t actually have the assignment sheet of our homework so im finding my own research of RSS and looking towards our fundamentals site.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) lets you subscribe to a website so you can easily view their content across the web. The Aggregator is used to display the summaries of the RSS nd are updated automatically. RSS pretty much keeps us lazy and lets us view a much smaller version of a usually much larger story.

Research says that RSS is not very common among internet users… which i can agree with because it was brand new to me when i joined Interactive Media. But statistics show that only 12% of online users are aware of RSS and only 4% have knowingly used RSS. 27% of Internet users consume RSS content on personalized start pages without even knowing it!!!


To me podcast are not new… i have several subscriptions on my itunes and really enjoy seeing new episodes but apparently 28% of Internet users are aware of podcasting!!! and only 2%!!!! subscribe to podcast!!!!!!!! Word of advice….. SUBSCRIBE!

Consuming that RSS:

On average RSS users subscribe to 6.6 feeds but research may not be exactly true because some RSS services like News Gator and FeedDemon have several subscribers and several feeds. The Average RSS user spends 4.2 hours per week reading feeds…. and im pretty sure thats a lot more than I and other students in our class haha but im slowly growing fond of this RSS.

World News on RSS:

World News and well as i can clearly see on WordPress… Politics seem to very very popular. I’m Sure any current event gets struck with blogging and RSS feeds because lets face it… people like to share their views and politics is one of the most diverse and possibably argumentative topics on the web right now. 52% is said to be spent on World News! and 23% on Blogs, 11% in podcasting!
I’m going to head back to my class and finish this RSS blog up a little later so i hope that you find this to be beneficial to your own blog .

I found all of my reasearch from the following link:

RSS-Crossing into the Mainstream

view my personal blog here: Garrett Charboneau’s Personal WordPress Blog